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One CEO as soon as remarked: The task of management is not to choose the satisfactory thoughts; it’s miles to create a device that allows for the pleasant thoughts to emerge.

SGS Philippines has created a system, an alternative work association with the aid of which personnel need not record to the company worksite; alternatively, they’re allowed to work from home or some other appropriate vicinity on specified and agreed days on a routing foundation, enabling flexibility at the same time as efficaciously attaining the necessities in their jobs. This work arrangement has not handiest maximized SGS Philippines’ employees effective working time, it has decreased the want for parking and consumption of not unusual office centers typical, ensuing in company sustainability and greater efficient control of resources. This machine is also desirable for the environment as it has contributed to the reduction of electricity intake for transportation, traffic congestion, dangers and air pollution.

In my past three columns, I mentioned the general plan of SGS Philippines in this. This is the ultimate installment on how this gadget can be successfully carried out in many places of work. Thanks plenty to SGS Managing Director Ariel Miranda and HR Director Michelle Garcia.

Personal paintings resources. Home paintings area fixtures, system, and internet connection will be supplied by the e-employee. The agency will not be responsible for damages to the worker’s belongings that results from participation within the telecommuting program. The enterprise may also now not be responsible for working prices, domestic preservation, or every other incidental prices (e.G. Utilities) in anyway, related to the usage of the employee’s residence.

Company sources. On instances whilst system, i.E., computer, cell telephone and software are provided for by the organization, such sources shall be used solely for conducting legitimate commercial enterprise simplest. The e-worker is responsible for safekeeping and set-up of such resources. All corporation relevant regulations, i.E., IT guidelines, and so on., will observe. The enterprise can also provide any essential workplace supplies. Out-of-pocket prices for substances normally to be had in the office will now not be reimbursed. In case of long distance calls, previous approval should be sought through the e-worker before making the call. The e-worker will publish an price request, together with a log of long distance commercial enterprise calls and an itemized copy of the phone invoice and need to be processed following organisation Finance guidelines.

Repairs and preservation. The organisation will restore and hold, on the primary worksite, any device issued by the enterprise following pertinent rules. However, the e-employee will be chargeable for any intentional harm to the device due to gross negligence with the aid of the e-worker or any member or visitor of the e-employee’s family, and harm on account of a electricity surge if no surge protector is used.

Damage or theft. Damage or robbery of business enterprise sources that happens outside the e-employee’s control can be included by using the agency whilst cleared, after due assessment, under pertinent company regulations.

Inclement climate. If the number one worksite is closed because of an emergency or inclement climate, the manager will touch the e-worker. The e-worker may continue to work on the e-worksite. If there may be an emergency on the e-worksite, which includes a electricity outage, the e-worker must notify the manager as quickly as possible. The e-employee can be reassigned to the primary worksite or an change worksite identified via the organization.

Accidents and injuries. Injuries acquired even as on e-work aren’t taken into consideration paintings-associated because the organisation has no direct control over the environment, working situations and working hours of the e-personnel. However, relevant institution, life and twist of fate insurance and different applicable advantages may be granted. Safety is the duty of the e-employees and, consequently, they must placed safety on the pinnacle in their priorities always.

Performance management and work output. All paintings shall be achieved in line with the identical high requirements as would generally be expected at the number one worksite. The manager and e-employee will formulate targets, expected consequences and evaluation processes for paintings completed whilst the employee is e-running. The manager will reveal and examine overall performance through depending greater heavily on work effects instead of direct commentary. The manager and e-work employee will meet at normal periods to review the worker’s paintings performance.

Performance comments and evaluations might be administered thru the company’s online Performance Management System. Documents, applications, reports (and the like) developed at the same time as e-working are assets of the agency.

Of route, those policies and guidelines are not written on stone and control reserves the proper to amend, edit, or discontinue this opportunity work association and participation at any time, even with out earlier observe, following formal declaration.

Now we’re not thinking why SGS operations right here within the Philippines are successful, productive and profitable with satisfied, devoted and efficient employees.

As John C. Maxwell stated: Management is the method of ensuring that the program targets of the business enterprise are applied. Leadership, however, has to do with casting vision and motivating humans.

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